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Go Beyond Social and Search.

Use TV Advertising to Grow Your Business!

Buy, measure, and optimize across streaming and linear TV–just like digital.

The Power of TV Ads for Small Businesses​

  Reach millions of new customers in a fully engaged, lean-back environment.

Test TV ads at more affordable CPMs than digital platforms.

Build legitimacy and elevate your brand on premium TV content. Anyone can advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

Improve digital campaign performance with TV’s halo effect.

Capture people’s attention while they watch their favorite shows. People spend on average 3hrs/day watching both linear TV and streaming TV.

Do you have a brand that can scale? Grow your business on TV.

Why WonderAds?

TV advertising is a powerful tool for reaching wide and diverse audiences. But many small businesses have shied away from it, assuming it’s only for established brands with big budgets. At WonderAds, we’re here to change that and give small businesses access to the same TV advertising technology that large brands use.

Powered by Tatari, a leading TV ad platform trusted by hundreds of brands, WonderAds can now help small businesses reach new audiences and drive real business outcomes like site visits, purchases, app installs, and ROAS.

Streamlined TV Advertising

Start With A Small Budget

You don’t need a 6-figure budget to get on TV anymore. Start with just $5k per week.

Simplified Buying Process

Buying TV ads shouldn’t be complicated. With WonderAds it isn’t. Just like on social, entering a few parameters and the platform builds the plan and optimizes for you.

Measurement Just Like Digital

Confidently measure the impact of your TV ads with the same intuitive controls you find on other popular ad managers like Meta and Google. Understand your return on ad spend, customer acquisition costs, and other outcome-focused metrics.

Over 300 Brands Use Tatari’s TV Ad Platform

No matter the stage or size of the budget – our technology and service put your goals first.

Buy & Measure TV Ads With Industry-leading Tools

Complete inventory access – buy how you want, where you want
Use historical data from thousands of campaigns to buy top-performing spots on premium streaming apps, during major live events, or local networks to reach the right audience.

Closed loop measurement that focuses on outcomes
We put a pixel on your website or app to ensure we can track outcomes that matter to performance and brand marketers; ultimately proving ROAS.

Real-time results in an easy-to-use dashboard
Find winning TV creatives, view performance by network and channel and see when people take action on your website or app after viewing an ad.

Data and rates are not real and are for illustrative purposes.

Ready to get on TV?

Here’s how it works.

# 1

Talk To Our Team

Meet our team, view a demo of our platform, clarify your budget and campaign goals, and ask TV-related questions. Get started with just $5k per week.

# 2


Decide whether you want to manage your TV campaigns yourself or let our team take care of it for you. During the onboarding process, you’ll set your budget and campaign goals. Don’t have a TV creative yet?

No problem. Many brands have successfully repurposed digital ads for TV. We also have partners who can produce a new TV creative.

# 3

Collaborate On Pilot Plan

We’ll create a custom media plan for your first TV campaign by identifying the most effective audiences, content, and targeting.

# 4

Launch & Scale On Tv!

Your brand can be live on TV in as little as 2 weeks. You’ll quickly learn what’s working so you can reach more people and drive results for your business.

WonderAds vs. Other TV Ad Platforms

Feature Other TV Ad Platforms WonderAds
Target specific audiences or TV content
Run campaigns yourself or we do it for you
Linear & streaming (programmatic and direct) in one platform
Predictive intelligence for easy campaign management
Shopify Plus Certified App Partner

Talk to Our Team

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